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For more than 15 years The Magic Shop has been serving amateur and professional magicians at the local, national, and international levels. We'd like to take this moment to thank our many loyal friends & customers that have supported our efforts over the years. Without your assistance none of this would be possible, half as interesting, or nearly as much fun! In today's world, the corner magic shop is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. New customer or old, I invite you to stop by the shop & experience a little magic in your life today.

What's the CRAP??

The Covington Royal Academy of Prestidigitators was founded by Colonel Artie Kidwell in 1995 as a no-hassle, no-dues, local informal magic club. Stop by Wertheim’s any Tuesday night at 7:00pm and you’ll find a group of magicians gathering in the backroom sharing all things magic related.
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The Magic Shop – Artie Kidwell, Proprietor

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The Magic Shop – Artie Kidwell, Proprietor

The Magic Shop – Artie Kidwell, Proprietor

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December 1st, 2010 by Artie Kidwell

Artie at The Magic Shop

If you haven't seen them yet, and even if you have, please take a few moments and visit The Magic Shop's new Facebook and YouTube pages. In addition to selling some pretty unique magic effects, we've been very busy during 2010 making many web upgrades like: designing and launching this new website, creating a new online store, making our debut on Facebook, and even starting our own YouTube channel. Believe me, keeping up with the ever changing technology of the internet is both challenging and fun. We are very excited about these new ways to keep in touch with our customers and friends. Make sure you check out all the new stuff.

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Welcome to The Magic Shop's New Website...

March 1st, 2010 by Artie Kidwell

Hello, my name is Artie Kidwell; I got started in magic when my parents gave me a magic set for Christmas when I was 5 years old. Believe it or not, I still have most of that set. Back in 1992 I left the corporate world to do magic full time. In 1995 it seemed to be a good idea to have something extra to do during the day so I opened The Magic Shop.

Rice's Production Rabit Silk

At the shop we carry a far deeper line of magic items than our website listings show. It just seems simpler to wet the appetite than bore you with pages of stuff. We carry a line of products that will satisfy the beginner all the way up to the working pro. We’re proud to have customers not just from the Greater Cincinnati area but quite literally around the world. One of the ways we help all those interested in magic is not just to sell what is on the shelf but we will go out and try to find that item that no one seems to sell anymore.

  • Quality Magical Effects at Reasonable Prices
  • Over 50 Years of Experience as an Entertainer
  • Knowledgeable, Experienced, Skilled Professional
  • There for You After the Sale, Insuring Your Success!!

We do have occasions that we trade and old trick for a new one or happen upon estates of magic. Because of that, one can often find some pre-owned magic to pick up at a more economic price than brand new. So I ask you the following question...

Got Magic? ArtiesMagic.Com

The Art of Magic in Greater Cincinnati...

January 2nd, 2010 by Pink Ears

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Whether young or old, novice or professional, the art of magic is alive and well in southwest Ohio. We are blessed in this area with some of the most knowledgeable authorities around regarding the subject of magical entertainment. Many professional magicians in today's marketplace found their humble beginnings in Cincinnati and this midwest–geographical region.

Did you know that Cincinnati is home to two very well-known and respected magic organizations; The Society of American Magicians Local Assembly 11, originally organized in 1902 and the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 71 established in 1974. Both of these nationally recognized organizations have members that have devoted their lives to the development of magic as an art form. They also host top-notch talent from around the world to lecture locally and demonstrate the latest effects for amateurs and professionals alike.

Since your still reading you must be interested in magic, so if you ever happen to be in the Covington area any Tuesday evening, be sure to come by Wertheim’s Restaurant (next door to the shop) any time after the shop closes after 5:00pm. On those evenings around 7:00pm the Covington Royal Academy of Prestidigitation meets. There’s no officers, no dues, no format, no plan. It is simply a group of semi–like–minded local magicians having a good time chatting, performing & practicing new effects, teaching each other, and also eating some really good food.

In keeping with the fine traditions of excellence in magic that our Cincinnati area is known for, Colonel Kidwell in 1995 founded the Covington Royal Academy of Prestidigitators CRAP Meeting at Wertheim's German Restaurant as a no-hassles, no-dues, local informal magic club open to all magicians regardless of skill level. Whether you are new or old to the art form, all individuals with a genuine interest in either performing or learning how to perform magic effects are welcome to participate. Stop by Wertheim’s any Tuesday night around 7:00pm or earlier. Most times you’ll find a group of magicians gathering and sharing new ideas for performing close-up and stand-up magic as well as group brainstorming of comedy bits.

All are welcome. We hope to see you there some Tuesday evening.

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